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Torrens Valley Orchards

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South Australian Cherries

Torrens Valley Orchards
Gumeracha, South Australia
Originally Est. 1849

Torrens Valley Orchards - Management

Our team
Managing Director - Tony Hannaford
Senior Fruit Grower - Craig McMartin
Packing Shed Manager - Thi Hannaford
Farm Manager Adelaide Hills - Bruse Ramsey
Farm Manager Barmera - Robert Wagner
Office Manager - Chelsea Hannaford
Quality Assurance - Lynn Kavanagh
Shop Manager - Thi Hannaford

Quality control
We pride ourselves on quality cherries that are second to none. Our quality control practices maintain a high level of product perfection. This starts from the ground up before we even get to the fruit itself. We take steps to perfect our orchard with weed and pest management. We care for the trees by selecting the best planting stock to rejuvenate the growing stock once it has reached its productable life, always feeding and watering with the best available sources. When we prune we use qualified, experience and knowledgeable people so the trees are just
right for the next season's cherries.

We are qualified with:
Safe Quality Food Program
Woolworths Quality Assurance Program
Optical production line
Another part of our quality control is our 10 lane optical sorting production line, this can produce outstanding control over the end product.

With exceptional colour separation sorting into 5 lines of colours at once, our machine can sort uniformity of size so you are provided with boxes of cherries that are the same colour and size. We also sort via stalk length
and internal firmness so all our cherries are uniformed and categorised into their appropriate grade so you will get exactly the produce you require for your needs.

Environment and sustainability
Our orchards have been handed from generation to generation and we plan to keep it this way. The environment that we work in needs to be maintained for the future. We utlise the latest technology in carbon injection
in the soil and constantly build organic matter via chicken litter and other environmentally friendly supplements. Further to this we use outside expert help to maintain and test our sustainability and for this we use Hybrid-Ag. Their mission is "To apply our experience and focus in soil and plant nutrition to help growers achieve maximum quality and yield in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically profitable. And….. To provide a superior range of highly effective and environmentally sustainable soil and plant nutrient products"